Welcome to my little world
It's nice of you to visit me.
My gate is always open
Inside is where I'll be.

I've tried to make it comfortable
For all who enter here.
A little bit of happiness
For friends we hold so dear.

You'll find a little laughter
And perhaps a tear or two.
Of course I've got some special hugs
Just waiting here for you.

So come on in and join me
A little stop along your way.
And when you leave my little world
I hope you take with you a brighter day.

© Bcactusl 5/04/01


I’m glad you stopped by. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Stephen Merritt, I am 38 years old and live down south in Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been happily married for 12 years to a beautiful, long-suffering woman.

If you’re here, you’re interested in learning something about me. The main thing to learn about me is that I have bipolar affective disorder. To hear my story and maybe learn something about it click here.

About Bipolar Disorder About Bipolar Disorder

If you’d like to read my testimony please click here.

my testimony of faith My Personal Testimony

Thank you for visiting. This isn’t much but it’s a start. And please sign my guestbook before you leave.

God bless.


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